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***Videos of the 7ft single blade in action are at the bottom of the page***


The challenge:

    Design a wind generator to make power to help keep batteries charged.
    Make sure there is a readily available parts base in case of a failure.
    Since I am my own warranty, simplicity and customer support are mandatory!
    Should be accessible from the ground since changes will be inevitable.
    Must be of a 12 volt platform.
    Finally, it has to be afforable.

This may seem an easy task but without an unlimited budget, and a less than ideal wind location, this can be a challenge! Below are some examples of wind generator combinations I have thoroughly tested (built and/or modified/etc.)

Final solution, the axial flux 3 blade wind generator!
(2x6 blade verson or 2x4 blade version)

The parts to build meet all criteria, have an incredible lifespan, and if properly setup, will indeed put some amps back into the 1700 amp hour battery bank. Here it is!
And waiting in the ranks is another axial flux variation in case the previous model fails.


The entire unit is relatively simple. I've tested a variety of blades (wood 2x6's, 2x4's, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic composite, etc.) as well as a variety of generators (permanent magnet alternator, high voltage dc motor, etc.) Mounting, etc, was fabricated. A good wind unit starts at a fairly low wind speed (less than 5 mph).

Wind generator experiments are mounted on top of on old bucket van, making it easy to raise and lower in case changes or fine tuning is needed.
Here is a full shot of van/wind generator with an earlier "geared" version of a wind generator. The gearing with sprokets and a chain looks pretty evil but direct drive (blades directly to hub and motor) are the way to go. Once a wind generator proves itself, it will then be mounted on top of a permanent tower for service.


Wind power starts with a little experimentation. Here is a picture of a wind seeker I made from a $15 Walmart ceiling fan. The goal was to see where the wind was coming from and if it had any appreciable power. Notice how blurry the blades are - this thing was really-really spinning!
Watch it blow itself apart on youtube!


And finally: Video clips of the Wind Generator in action!

Note* Videos taken of the Single Seven foot blade unit in a 15-20 mph wind.

Windows Media Player Clips:

A Good Stiff Wind I - front shot 1.75Meg

A Good Stiff Wind II - front shot 1.62Meg

A Good Stiff Wind III - side shot 1.63Meg

A Good Stiff Wind IIII - rear shot 2.05Meg

QuickTime Player Clips:

A Good Stiff Wind I - front shot 4.49Meg

A Good Stiff Wind II - front shot 4.25Meg

A Good Stiff Wind III - side shot 4.10Meg

A Good Stiff Wind IIII - rear shot 4.44Meg


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