- The "Aurora" Project -

Go-One3 human electric lithium hybrid
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The challenge:

    Make sure parts are readily available in case of a failure.
    Since I am my own warranty, simplicity and customer support are mandatory!
    Should be of a 12 volt platform.
    Finally, it has to promote health.

This project has been all winter in the making and will continue to be updated as needed. Current build photos of this road warrior are below:

Go-One3 side view Go-One3 pass rear view Go-One3 front view Go-One3 drivers rear view

Current info:

- 21 speed (Triple Chainring front / 7 cluster rear)
- Mid-Drive added (combined with front ring approx. 174 gear inches)
- Electric Assisted with Multi-Function Digital Display Screen
- Go-One3 Velomobile with added LED lighting in and out
- Battery recharging is excess power from off-grid system
- On board regenerative braking helps extend range

Phoenix II APM Display Phoenix II Crystalyte Controls Go-One3 front view Go-One3 drivers rear view

More data:

- 315 watts (approx 8amps) to maintain 30 mph on a flat
- Course: 34.25mi / 54.5v start / 52.5v end/ 1.5 hour recharge w/6amp charger
- Go-One3 Velomobile http://www.go-one.us/ - who appears to have shut down as of 2018 (New Jersey)
- Phoenix II Propulsion System from http://electricrider.com (who has since closed up. (Texas)
- GBS Batteries from https://elitepowersolutions.com (Arizona)
- More testing and data throughout the summer....

Cell-Log8 Charge Panel Cell-Log8 Charge Panel Close Up View

Battery Monitor and Balance Charge Ports:

- The Panel above will monitor battery voltage at the individual cell level - 16 cells total
- The audio jacks are wired to each cell for individual cell balancing
- The Panel is portable for use on the trike or when the batteries are removed
- The audio jack circuits to each cell are fuse protected by side mounted fuse blocks
- The Panel meters have a beeper built in to alert of an under or over charge condition
- If you zoom in on the pic you can see how close the cell voltages match

Go-One3 incoming view Go-One3 crazyjerry in side window view Go-One3 aurora take off view


And finally: Video clips of the Aurora in action!

The Aurora blasting off! 1.14meg

The Aurora zipping along - whoosh! 1.28Meg

Both videos from above combined! 2.39Meg

- Project updates and more details to be continued throughout Summer 2011! -



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