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The Challenge:

This may seem an easy task but on an annual income of less than $10k a year, this can be a challenge. Lucky there was such a unit that meets all of the criteria and the solution, the Lister style diesel generator!
These units meet all criteria, have an incredible lifespan if properly setup, and at one time were available from George at utterpower.com

Below is a great photo that George sent me when the power unit was loaded and sent from Washington to New York.
Check out the beefy frame on this 6 horsepower monster!

Lister Style Generator strapped to a pallet ready to load onto freight truck

The Disassembly:

Since it is a very simple machine, it was partially disassembled and re-checked.

Listeroid with the cylinder head removed Closeup of the cylinder head removed Closeup of the cylinder bore Closeup of the cylinder stoke measurement

The Reassembly and Detailing:

The entire unit was a breeze to setup since George was quite thorough with the assembly, etc prior to my receiving it. A continuous-duty ZENA DC Welder was added as a battery bank direct charger. So it has an AC Generator running off one flywheel, and the ZENA DC Welder running off the other flywheel. After dolly-ing and detailing it up a bit, a masterpiece was born and here it is inside the Pump House!

Listeroid polished up, detailed and on display Assembled Lister stlye generator with DC Welder mounted


The Utterpower Lister Generator runs superbly as George said it would! The AC output is constant and predictable and easily runs my whole house while providing some very welcome heat from the cooling system. The Zena DC welder keeps the big battery bank happy when there's no sun, and has yet to become more than warm to the touch (even when charging lithium batteries directly!)

The customer support from both Utterpower and Zena have been invaluable!

Fuel consumption is dependent on load, however, if this unit is running 5-6 hours a day pushing an average of 55 amps dc to charge batteries (peaks are substantially higher), 1/4 gallon an hour usage is typical. If the battery bank weren't so big, far less time would be spent charging and fuel consumption would drop dramatically.

Coolant temp runs about 215 degrees on the outlet and 180 on the inlet. This is thermosiphon through a radiator (7 pound pressure cap) - no water pump.
Exhaust pipe temp at the head will run about 275-325 degrees.
Engine temp in the base just below the dipstick threads hovers around 121 degrees.
The 3000 watt AC Generator, or the 200 amp DC Alternator seldom are more than warm to the touch.

YouTube short video clips of the Lister style generator in action!

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