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The Build Part 1:

First we need to remove the gasoline engine and transmission to make way for the diesel. Once that is done, we can trial fit the diesel engine into the existing frame and make any adjustments.

Removed 500cc gas engine Diesel engine trial fitted into frame

The Build Part 2:

Next was to adapt a CVT (Constant Variable Transmission aka Snowmobile Clutch) to the bike. This would transfer the engine's power seamlessly to the rear wheel.

CVT installed on the motorcycle frame Frontal view of CVT installation

The Build is Done:

After adding weight to the drive clutch, the fuel lines, exhaust and electrics were hooked up.

After a couple of drive and driven sprocket size swaps (to obtain a good balance of off the line acceleration and overall top speed), it was done and it drives real nice.

Completed bike front right side photo Completed bike left front photo

A few accessories were added:

Diesel lettering and tank emblems were added to spur interest. The sword styled sissy bar is useful for attaching a backpack for storage.

Completed bike right rear side photo Completed bike left side rear photo


The factory speedometer was retained but the tachometer was removed in favor of an exhaust pyrometer. In this photo you can see the trip odometer at 181 miles and the fuel gage shows just under a quarter of a tank of fuel used! After a break-in of about 7,000 miles the bike consistently pulls 115 mpg at 50-55 mph on a level road. Top speed is 65 on a flat, and 75 down a hill! Will run on diesel, kerosene, fuel oil or biodiesel. Oh, and that one-cylinder diesel engine, it's a real thumper!!!

Speedometer, pyrometer, fuel gage cluster

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