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About Us:

The JB Enterprise site is a small establishment that is off-grid.
We generate 100% of our power via solar, wind, alternative fuel and human power (truly renewable).

CrazyJerry is a guest speaker at the:

    Renewable Energy Fair (in Canton, NY previously at the High School and at SUNY Canton College of Technology.)
    Local Living Festival (at Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm.)

    And a participant in the:

      Green Buildings Open House Tour


      Current items of interest:

      - Crazy Jerry has unleashed the Urba Centurion - a DIY backyard built diesel powered sports car. .
      Info and history here!!

      - In Summer of July 2005 we have successfully put together a diesel motorcycle. It is currently pulling 98-120 miles per gallon (115 average) and will cruise around 50-60 mph! A chronological webpage is now available with links to photos and video clips of the bike out in the real world.
      Click here for the Suzuki Diesel motorcycle!

      - We have a solution for when there's no sun, no wind, and not enough energy left to generate power from a retired triathlon bike! It's called a Lisgen6/1ST3 Gen Set. Find out what this big brute is, what it does, and why you might want one!
      Check out this awesome off-grid Lister generator!

      - Before the Lister, we used a Petter Clone. Find out what we found out, and how well it performed.
      Check out our 1st 1800 rpm Petter Style Generator!

      - Want to split wood: quiet, fast, and without gas? The Electro-Split project truly is a must see!
      Check out this simple and amazing wood splitter!

      - Wind power is alive and well. This area is always in research and development.
      Check out the wind generator page!

      - Handy Portable Battery Bank Charger. In response to a need for battery banks needing some tlc.
      Check out the "Commando" Tracked Charger!

      Links to our projects will be added below, so be sure to revisit this page!

      God bless you and please visit us again!

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