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Bon Appetit - 1980 Goldwing Custom Buffet Racer

BonAppetit_HornSide_2020.jpg 1980 Custom Goldwing Buffet RacerThumbnailsBon Appetit - 1980 Goldwing Custom Buffet Racer

This 1980 Goldwing is a total custom build featuring:
- Coffee Pot Headlight / Speedometer housing
- Salt-N-Pepper Shaker turn signals
- Custom Aluminum Bodywork
- Rear single-side leaf spring suspension
- 45 degree fork rake
- Custom exhaust
She's light, low, and fast!
Not only is this a one-of-a-kind, it's also the outlaw of Buffet Racers:
And they call her: "Bon Appetit"!