Meet the "Urba Centurion"
128-mpg Diesel-Powered Sport-Coupe Car

Urba Centurion collage
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***Videos of CrazyJerry's Urba Centurion in action are at the bottom of the page***

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Exclusive Footage: Centurion "drone" assisted video - from SUNY Canton on youtube!

Centurion competes in the 2016 Green Grand Prix on the Watkins Glen International Raceway!!
Back in 1982, could RQ Riley imagine that a backyard-build of his original Centurion would someday go on to break 200 mpg in a fuel economy competition? Well, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 that is exactly what happened. Robert Gillespie created this fuel economy competition called the "Green Grand Prix" and it's sponsored by Toyota, sanctioned by the SCCA, and held every year in beautiful Watkins Glen NY on the International Raceway.
Together, Team Centurion (Jerry Bartlett and Peter Cutler), skillfully piloted the little car to over 200 mpg each year.

Centurion travels 244 miles to the Watkins Glen 2015 Grand Prix Festival and enters a "Stone Bridge Driver Event". In the Community Bank Concorso Speciale group, 2 laps (15 miles) on the "Old Course" were completed. Even though the little Kubota is rated at 17 horsepower, we had absolutely no problem "keeping up with the car ahead" (which was an Austin-Healy Bugeye Sprite). After the event, Centurion made it north to I-90 before needed a refill of her two-gallon tank. This summer's modifications are paying off so 2016 may be another stellar year!!

- Stone Bridge and Millikins Corner photos courtesy of: Steve Rossini / Highland Design Studio
- Centurion on display photo by photographer: Juha Cantori
- Old course map and banner images through the Grand Prix Festival for 2015
- In-car cam shots courtesy of Centurion!

Earlier in April 2015, We competed in the 11th Annual Green Grand Prix on the Watkins Glen International Raceway.
Centurion beat her last year's mpg record run of 214mpg with an outstanding 250.6mpg!
Official results by the Green Grand Prix Corporation are on the following results spreadsheet (see car #35 for Centurion):

Click here to see Centurion on youtube in motion on the track

Registered for the:
2015 Toyota Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International (April 17th, 2015)

Tested this year for the 2015 Green Grand Prix, Centurion has a new injector pump, injectors, AND a newer Spitfire 4-speed transmission mated with the optional overdrive. The transmission swap enables the car to be truly "freeway capable" (70mph interstate cruise speed). New mpg figures will be determined at the 11th Annual 2015 Toyota Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International Raceway.

-- If you're in the area and wish to see Centurion please consider coming to the event.
-- If you want to have the time of your life AND compete in an eco-driving way, consider registering for the 2015 Toyota Green Grand Prix!

***Centurion registered and competed in the: 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International (April 11th, 2014) and it topped 200mpg!

For the story, see these press releases:

Colton resident hand builds a car that appeared in "Total Recall" to tie for the top award in a national competition.

SUNY Canton Online Staff Member Hits 200 mpg in Toyota Green Grand Prix

Colton man creates 200 mpg car

College Tech Analyst Builds 200 MPG Car in His Free Time

Start line - Winning lap shot - Winner's Check - More..

More to be added...



The condensed history:

    The February 1982 Mechanix Illustrated debuts the Urba Centurion. Back then, for a mere $17.95, you could buy information that outlined how to build the car. It was not a kit. The buyer of the plans would source the parts needed (new or used) and then build the body from scratch using fiberglass over a foam core.
    Following the blueprints to include using a small Kubota diesel engine into the aerodynamic body, the finished project was advertised to deliver as much as 128-mpg! The plans by the original designer are still available today at:

A little more info:

    The Urba Centurion was not a completely anonymous car. If you have an eye for detail, you could catch a glimpse of it in the futuristic Arnold Schwarznegger movie "Total Recall" from 1990.

Click Here for a larger version of these pics.

Are there any other Centurions? Yes!:

    A fairly extensive search using the internet will show 2 such examples.

    One variation exists in the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville Tenessee.

    The other is seen here at CrazyJerry's website.
Below are the only Urba Centurions known to exist:

Photos below show original Centurion compared to current project:

CrazyJerry's Centurion compared to 2007 Hyundai Accent:

The Mill - Kubota 3 cylinder diesel:

There is still more to do:

    Gear changes to optimize mpg and speed.
    Final cooling system tweaks and upgrades (Heater installed 2013. Radiator upgrade pending.)
    Final engine alignment and driveline balance (completed - 10/2012)
    Body work such as pinch flanges, fitment, and blocking for straightness.(ongoing)
    Paint on hold. Kinda liking the primer rat-rod look!
    Current mpg: 127!! (mixed town and rural driving). Exceeded Target of 115 mpg or more...To be continued....


And finally, a couple of videos:

(Shown above wearing 13" American Racing Spectre Wheels)

Urba Centurion sporting Carroll Shelby Scorpion CSI Wheels
(Shown above wearing the original Centurion's 13" Carroll Shelby Scorpion CSI Wheels)


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